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    Can't login to JMars 3.0.4

    I just recently created an account for JMars. When I launch the application it brings up a login screen. But when I enter in the username and password I get an error message: problem validating username and password. Am I supposed to just login as guest?


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    David and I fixed this problem via e-mail. The issue involved a bug where our authentication script was finding an old account David had on our system for other purposes. That bug shouldn't affect very many other users, but we're working to correct it just in case.

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    I also just created an account but facing the same problem. I also received same message and when I login through guest than I received a message that "Unable to find default map named 'MOLA _128ppd_shade_ne' in server named default." I want to work on Mola than how can I upload the MOLA data?

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    If your mola map isn't showing it could be a few things. Actually, the best way to figure it out is if you send us a JMARS Problem Report. You can give a short description and even put "For Meg" at the top and I can reply directly. To do this open up JMARS and click the tab at the top that says "Help" then click "Report a Problem" this will send a report to the JMARS Help team.

    If you want to check a few possibilities out, first:

    1) Are you connected to the internet?
    2) Are you using the latest JMARS version? To do so, click the tab at the top that says "Options" then click "Check for Updates"



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    me too today , but no problem now >> thank u

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