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    Compatibility with Craterstats2

    I like how intuitive JMARS is in terms of crater counting, area marking and all. However it's weakness lies in data exporting capabilities. I have been struggling to import my data to Craterstats2 for hours with no luck so far. So, my suggestion is to make data exporting more flexible than just .csv file.

    Also, i would be very grateful if anyone could tell me how to make Craterstats2 accept data from JMARS. Pretty Please

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    Hello,I'm sorry you're having difficulty exporting your data to the csv file. Was it just failing? Did it give you an error message? Also, I would like to help you with your secondary issue if you are still having problems. Can you explain a little more to me about the issue?Thanks, -Meg

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    It's ok now, i just came across conflicting information, which was telling me to export .csv with the shape files of selected area. The problem was that after importing everything to Craterstats2, it would say Area is 0 km^2 - therefore no plot.
    But i managed to fix my problem by editing my .csv file manualy and also making it .diam file. Though, i think there could be an option to export as .diam without any coordinates at all - only diameters..and it would let you to type area in manualy during exporting (like one of samples of craterstats2)

    But thanks for your reply
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