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    CTX Images in JPEG 2000 Format on Viewer Pages

    We recently replaced the CTX JPEG 2000 products with pyramidized
    geoTIFFs to improve the rendering performance in JMARS. These products
    have additional advantages for local/offline JMARS usage.

    Users of JPEG 2000 images should find their needs met by these pyramidized geoTIFFs.

    While the JPEG 2000 images have been deprecated, we have temporarily provided links to them on the viewer pages.
    This format will be available until 4/7/2017. They may be removed any time after that date.

    Thank you,
    JMARS Team
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    Regarding format


    Earlier I used JPEG2000 version for my study purpose. Recently,I came across the replacement of JPEG2000 with pyramidized geoTIFFs, however when I download these format images and open in ArcMap or Envi, I dont see any map projection information. Can you advise me how I can view these new format images?

    Thank you,
    Rutu P

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    Hi Rutu,

    GeoTiffs tend to have world files associated with it which holds the geospatial information. Do you have a world file? If you do not, you can still upload them into JMARS but you will need to know the projection information. Let me know if I can assist you at all.



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