Can't see your files in JMARS? Learn how to get access here.

Are you using a Mac and you can't see your files in JMARS? Newer Mac OS versions require you give Full Disk Access to apps. This tutorial will show you how to give Full Disk Access to JMARS. 

  1. Locate the Apple in the top left hand corner of your Mac Desktop and click it.

  2. Locate the "System Preferences" in the drop down menu and click it.

  3. Look for the "Security and Privacy" icon and open it.

  4. When the Security and Privacy window opens, first click the lock at the bottom of the window to enable changes.

  5. Image:selectPolygonArc.png

  6. On the left hand side of the window, locate and click on "Full Disk Access" and then click the "+" to add an app.

  7. Locate your file. This will be in your JMARS folder in the directory you picked when you installed JMARS. For me, I downloaded JMARS in the applications folder. After you locate the file, click "Open"