High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) Stamp Layer

The HRSC Stamp Layer will display stamps for all of the images acquired by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) onboard the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter. While the search interface is similar to the THEMIS Stamp Layer, there are some differences that allow users to search for images based on the unique parameters associated with HRSC images.


Open the HRSC Stamp Layer

  1. Open the Stamp Layer: Chose "Add New Layer" -> "Instrument" -> "HRSC" OR "Add New Layer" -> "Imagery" -> "HRSC" .
  1. Search Parameter Categories: The search parameters are divided into categories since there are so many of them. Clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the category name will reveal all the search parameters in that category. The categories are:
    • Basic Parameters
    • Advanced Parameters
    NOTE: A search can be performed with parameters from multiple categories.
  1. Enter Search Parameters: It is not necessary to enter values for each parameter, but the more specific your search the faster it will be. The allowable values for each field are given in the quick reference table below followed by more detailed descriptions of each search parameter.
  1. Perform Image Search: Clicking OK will make the Stamp Layer perform the search and display the results. Depending on how specific the search parameters are, it may take the Stamp Layer a few minutes to find and create stamps for all of the images. Once the stamps are displayed in the Viewing Window, users can right-click on an outline to either render the image (display the image data in JMARS) or view the image in a web browser.

HRSC Search Parameter Glossary

Filter Type

Acceptable Values



Basic Parameters

Image ID(s)

Any Specific Image ID Number(s)

A unique identifier for each image commanded.

Min/Max Longitude

0 to 360(East Longitude = Positive)
Blank (Any Longitude)

This is the approximate longitude on the planet Mars of the image center. All values are based on the IAU 2000 aerocentric model of Mars with east positive longitude. (gives in degrees of East Longitude)

Min/Max Latitude

90 to -90(North Latitude = Positive)
Blank(Any Latitude)

This is the approximate latitude on the planet Mars of the image center. All values are based on the IAU 2000 aerocentric model of Mars with north positive latitude.

Min/Max Orbit

10 - 7580
Blank(Any Orbits)

Spacecraft orbit during which this image was observed. By definition, orbits begin at the ascending equator crossing of Global Surveyor's polar orbit.

Image Type

ND3 - Map-projected nadir images

ND4 - Orthophoto (corrected for topography) images

SR3 - Super-resolution channel images

DT4 - Digital terrain model footprints

Blank- Any Image Type

Advanced Parameters

Mission Phase

MC_Phase_0 - MC_Phase_6 ; ME_Phase_0 - ME_Phase_ 15 ; MR_phase_0 - MR_Phase_8 ; NULL ; Blank(Any Mission Phase)

The Mars Express/HRSC mission has been divided into the following phases:

Maximum Resolution

1.0 - 365 (in meters/pixel)
Blank(Any Scaled Pixel Width)

The highest resolution in an image (meters/pixel).

Map Scale

0.0025 - 0.4(in km/pixel)
Blank(Any Map Scale)

This is the image resolution in meters per pixel at the center of the image. For most narrow angle images, this value will be approximately the same over the entire picture. For wide angle images, the pixel scale will vary over the image.


0 - 387,082
Blank(Any Number of Lines)

The number of horizontal lines of pixels contained in the image.

Line Samples

0 - 87,080
Blank(Any Number of Line Samples)

The number of pixels in each line of the image.

Stamp Layer Functions

The HRSC Stamp Layer's functions are identical to the functions of the Stamp Layer and are explained in detail on the Stamp Layer page.