Shape Layer: Adding a new color column based on the values of a radius column

The purpose of this tutorial is to walk users through the process of opening JMARS, opening the Shape Layer and adding fields to select the values of one column from other column using a lookup table.

Step 1: Opening JMARS and adding the Shape Layer

    • Double-click the JMARS icon on your desktop to open JMARS
    • Enter your JMARS user name and password. If you do not have a user name and password, follow the instruction under the appropriate "Getting Started" link on the Main Page.
      • At this point, the Layer Manager should only have the MOLA Shaded Relief Layer and the Lat/Lon Layer loaded.
    • In the Layer Manager, click "Add New Layer" -> "Custom Shape Layer", then click on the "Custom Shape Layer" tab to access the focus panel.

Step 2: Adding the shapes

  • Add new shapes by right clicking inside the Main View and selecting "Add Circles".
  • Here we have added circles of different radius ranges. (radius< 50; 50< radius <100; 100< radius <150; radius>200).


Step 3: Adding a new column based on a Lookup Table

  • In the Shape Layer focus panel click on "Feature" -> "Edit Columns...".
  • edit_columns.png

  • In the new "Edit Columns..." window that opens up, type the name of the new column and select its type from the Type drop-down menu. Click on Add Column. For our case, the name of the columns is new_color and its type is Lookup Table.
  • When you click on Add Column, a new dialog opens asking for the lookup table configuration (source and target fields). Set the source Filed as Radius and the Target Type as Color for our example.
  • Select Breakpoints from the Operation drop-down menu. Create the lookup table.
  • shapes_lookupTable.png

  • Make sure that the "Update All Rows" checkbox is selected. Click Okay.
  • The new column added, "new_color", apperars under the Features in the Shape Layer focus panel. The value for this column is taken from the Radius column depending on the Lookup Table values.
  • shapes_lookupTable3.png

Step 4: Updating the Fill Color of the shapes based on the new columns created.

  • In the Shape Layer focus panel click on "Feature" -> "Edit Styles...".
  • shapes_editStyles.png

  • In the new Style Settings that opens up, select the new column name(new_color) from the Fill Color drop-down menu.Click on Save.
  • The fill color of the shapes in the Main View is changed depending on the values under the "new_Color" column.

Congratulations! You have finished the thirteenth JMARS tutorial!