Using JMARS from behind a firewall:

If the computer you are using is behind a firewall, i.e., you do not have open and free access to the internet, JMARS can be configured to communicate through a proxy server to retrieve maps and spacecraft images from our servers at the Mars Space Flight Facility.

Contact your system administrator, and request the following information necessary to use the proxy server:

  • IP Address of the proxy server
  • Port number used by the proxy server for client connections
  • A username known to the proxy server
  • The password associated with the username

Once you have these four pieces of information, you are ready to configure JMARS for the proxy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Create a text file with the following format:


      "host": <IP address goes here>,
      "port": <port number goes here>,
      "username": "< username goes here>",
      "password": "< password goes here>"


  2. Save the file with the name .jmars_proxy_config in the home directory of the user account your are using.
  3. Examples:

    Linux: ~/.jmars_proxy_config
    Mac: ~/.jmars_proxy_config OR /Users/jdoe/.jmars_proxy_config
    Windows: C:\Users\jdoe\.jmars_proxy_config

  4. You are now ready to run JMARS!

If you have any questions about setup, or encounter any problems, please contact us at

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