Shape Layer: Selecting a non-default column for fill-color

The purpose of this tutorial is to walk users through the process of opening JMARS, opening the Shape Layer and selecting a non-default column for the fill-color.

Step 1: Opening JMARS and adding the Shape Layer

    • Double-click the JMARS icon on your desktop to open JMARS
    • Enter your JMARS user name and password. If you do not have a user name and password, follow the instruction under the appropriate "Getting Started" link on the Main Page.
      • At this point, the Layer Manager should only have the MOLA Shaded Relief Layer and the Lat/Lon Layer loaded.
    • In the Layer Manager, click "Add New Layer" -> "Custom Shape Layer", then click on the "Custom Shape Layer" tab to access the focus panel.

Step 2: Adding Shapes to the Main View

  • In the Main View right-click and select "Add Circles" or "Add Points/ Lines/ Polygons" in order to draw circles and polygons to highlight some features on the Main View. The default line-color is white and the default fill-color is red.
  • shapes_originalFill.png 

  • The columns "Line Color" and "Fill Color" under the features in the Shape Layer focus panel contain no values (<null>) as the line color and fill color have not been modified from the default value.



Step 3: Applying the line-color column values for fill-color column.

    • The default value for the FillColor column is <null>. So when JMARS goes to the Fill Color column to select the value for fill color it finds no color specified and hence it uses the defauls fill color that is RED. The default fill color (RED) can be seen by going to "Feature" -> "Edit Styles..." in the Shape Layer focus panel.
    • Change the default line color value by double clicking under the "Line Color" column for each feature.
    • Similarly change the default color value for the "Fill Color" column. The changes are immediately reflected in the Main View window.
    • shapes_coloredFill_columns.png 

    • In the Shape Layer focus panel click on "Feature" -> "Edit Styles...". The new "Style Settings" window that opens up lists all the column names with the values they are currently using and the default values. Select "Line Color" from the "Fill Color" drop-down menu and click on "Save".
    • The changes are reflected in the Main View window immediately. The fill color values are now fetched from the "Line Color" column values instead of using the default color (red) for fill color.

Congratulations! You have finished the ninth JMARS tutorial!