How do I submit a help report in JMARS?

JMARS functionality allows users to send diagnostic information to the JMARS team. This information can be helpful in finding, understanding and replicating an issue that the user is seeing. The user also has the opportunity to send any useful information about the issue such as steps to re-create the problem. This functionality may also be used to send general JMARS questions to the team.
To send a help request from within JMARS:

    • Select Help -> Report a Problem (shortcut key combination is "alt + h" to get help menu, then "r" to bring up the "Report a Problem" dialog)
    • Enter your email address in the "Email Address" text input field
    • Enter any relevant information, questions, steps to re-create the issue, etc., in the "How to Recreate the Problem" input text area
    • Click the "Send" button

The JMARS team will receive and process your help report.