JMARS Preferences Window

Step 1: Access the Preferences Window Launch JMARS

  • Click on the "Options" menu in the top menu bar.
  • Select "Preferences" from the dropdown menu.
  • Once the Preferences window is open, you'll see various tabs on the left : Preferences, Display Settings, Performance, and Proxy Settings.


Step 2: Preference Settings

  • Set the directory for saving files. Click "SELECT DIRECTORY" and navigate to your desired folder.
  • Web Browser Preferences: Configure the command to start your preferred web browser. Enter the command in the COMMAND field, using %URL% as the placeholder for the webpage. Click "APPLY" to save the command, or "CLEAR" and "RESET" to modify or remove it.
  • Autoclose Add Layer: Enable or disable autoclosing the add layer dialog. Choose Enable or Disable. Confirm on JMARS Exit: Enable or disable a confirmation prompt when exiting JMARS.
  • Check or uncheck the "Confirm on exit" box.
  • Check for Updates: Configure the application to check for updates. Select an option from the dropdown menu if available.
  • Click "DONE" to save changes and close the Preferences window.


Step 2: Customize Display Settings

  • Choose between Light mode and Dark mode. Select the radio button for Light mode or Dark mode to change the application's appearance.
  • Coordinates Order: Set the order for displaying coordinates.
  • Latitude System: Select the latitude system. Choose either Ocentric or Ographic.
  • Longitude System: Configure the longitude system. Options include Positive East 0 to 360, Positive East -180 to 180, Positive West 0 to 360, and Positive West -180 to 180.
  • Show M and P Labels: Enable or disable M and P labels on the main and panner view. Check or uncheck the box for Show M & P. Click "DONE" to save changes and close the Preferences window.


Step 3: Manage Performance Tab

  • Performance Statistics: View memory usage statistics. Memory Available, Memory Allocated, Memory in Use, Disk Cache Usage.
  • File Cache Manager: Manage cached files to optimize performance. Click "CLEAN CACHE" to clear the cache.
  • Memory Settings: Adjust memory settings for JMARS. Set Maximum Heap Size (-XMX) and Java Stack Size (-XSS) as needed.
  • Click "DONE" to save changes and close the Preferences window.


Step 4: Configure Proxy Settings 

  • Configure your network proxy settings if necessary. 
  • Proxy Authentication: Enable and configure proxy authentication if required. Enter the username and password for proxy authentication.