Layer Files

Layer Files allow users to save the configuration and settings associated with one or more layers to a file, which can then be used to restart those layers in a future JMARS session with the given configuration and settings already in place. Unlike Session Files, Layer Files do not contain any account-dependent settings so any user may load them without providing a username and password.

Save JMARS Layer Configuration to a Layer File

  1. In the Viewing Window, chose "File" -> "Save Layers".
  2. Choose which layers to save to the Layer File using the pop-up menu.
  3. Specify a directory and name for the Layer File.
  4. The layer file will record:
    • Parameters and preferences set in each of the saved layers

Load a JMARS Layer from a Layer File

  1. In the Viewing Window, choose "File" -> "Load Layers".
  1. Select the Layer File you want to load.
  1. Select which layers you want to load from the Layer File