JMARS release

JMARS release enhances user experience with a streamlined 'Preferences' menu, improved formula definition in the Stamp layer, and the ability to share multiple maps via the Custom Map manager

Release User Interface Enhancements:

  1. The 'Options' menu is now better organized, enabling users to navigate various interface settings more intuitively. See the image below on how to access 'Preferences' menu and explore its new look. 
  2. We are excited to announce that the new Formula Editor interface is now available for the Stamp layer. You can access Formula interface via the Stamp layer's Focus panel, "OUTLINES" tab, as shown in the image below. where to find new Formula interface for Stamps

    Key enhancements in the Formula Editor include: Additionally, a convenient shortcut is now available for calculating averages over a range of consecutive array indexes. Instead of typing out each index individually, manually balancing multiple parentheses, and calculating the divisor, you can now simply type the array's name followed by the desired range in square brackets, separated by a colon.  For example, to calculate AVERAGE for emissivity from index 15 to index 22, you can now write:


    This shortcut will be interpreted by the new Formula parser to sum the emissivity values from index 15 to 22 and divide that sum by 8. You can also use this shortcut when defining Templates. We hope these updates make working with formulas in the Stamp layer more intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient.

    • Type-ahead autocomplete: Easily find and insert user-defined columns and system-defined mathematical functions (e.g., orbit_number, log, min, ir_det_temp_1_k) with just a few keystrokes.
    • Column search: Quickly locate specific columns for your formula within a Stamp database.
    • Result Preview: View the calculated result of your formula in the Result Preview window, as you type your formula. Note that the preview is based on the first row in the Stamp data you are working with. The complete result will be calculated and applied to the entire Stamp table when you select the "UPDATE STAMPS TABLE" button.
    • Drag & Drop support: Drag and drop columns directly into a formula for improved accuracy and efficiency.
    • Syntax highlighting: Visually differentiate between numbers, text, column names, and constant values for better clarity.
    • Parenthesis and bracket balancing: Visual cues help ensure balanced parentheses and square brackets in formulas, enhancing accuracy.
    • Context menu: A context menu offers common edit operations for ease of use.
  3. Also new in this release, using Custom Map Manager you can now share multiple maps with a single click.