28 New USGS Day IR Mars mosaics available in JMARS!

A total of 56 USGS Mars mosaics are now available in public JMARS. 32 of these maps were already available with the THEMIS Team JMARS and now all 56 are available through public JMARS. 28 of these maps are Day IR mosaics.
Notes on the new maps:

  • New maps are 100m resolution THEMIS data maps
  • 28 Day IR mosaics
  • 28 Night IR mosaics
  • These Controlled THEMIS mosaics benefit geologic mapping efforts (superior basemap), landed science operations (site characterization and traverse planning), and orbital observation planning (precision targeting).
  • The control networks that result constitute a (potentially global) framework for the precision cartographic control of existing and future higher spatial resolution data products (e.g. CTX). This allows the registration of historical data sets to be improved.