Come join us at LPSC!

Greetings JMARS users!

The JMARS team will once again be at LPSC again this year. We will be staffing a JMARS exhibition booth in the poster hall on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights as well as most of the normal conference hours. Come by to say hello, ask questions, get technical support, or give us your opinions about everything we've done or not done thus far.

In addition, also at LPSC, we will be hosting the third annual JMARS Showcase at noon on Monday, March 18th in the Grogan's Mill room. The JMARS Showcase will feature a series of short presentations by actual scientists (not our usual techies) demonstrating how to complete actual scientific tasks. Send your students, bring your friends, and come prepared to learn ways to work more efficiently in JMARS.

This year we will also be presenting a poster on Tuesday night covering some of the work we have been doing for J-Asteroid on the OSIRIS-REx mission. Many of the new features developed in support of that project will be making their way into the public JMARS code base as soon as time allows. ( Poster abstract available here: )

As always, If you are giving your own presentation, and JMARS was useful in your work, please acknowledge JMARS somewhere in your talk or poster. JMARS is grant funded, and the funders of our grants like to see that their money is being well spent. Help us continue to help you! And if you cite us formally in your paper or presentations (and let us know), we will include a reference to your work on our website. ( See: for more information )

If you find yourself wanting to use a screenshot from JMARS in your presentation, but want the data at a higher resolution than your screen supports, try out the Higher Resolution Export feature. We know it's not perfect, and it involves more clicking than everyone would prefer, but for the most part it works. (We're hoping to actually make some additional improvements to this feature soon)
A short video tutorial demonstrating how to use this feature is available on our website:

If you have a dataset you would like to have included in JMARS, or know of a published dataset you think would be useful, let us know via our data submission page. ( See: )

If you can't make it to LPSC, or have questions, concerns or technical issues before, during, or after the conference, we can always be reached at


- Scott