New High Resolution Ceres Mosaics are available in JMARS!

High Resolution Ceres Regional Mosaics are now available in JMARS!

During the Low Altitude Mapping Orbit (LAMO) mission phase, the Framing Camera (FC) on the Dawn spacecraft acquired data used by DLR personnel to produce high resolution mosaics of Ahuna Mons as well as Ernutet, Haulani, Ikapati, Kupalo, Occator and Yalode craters. In addition, DLR produced high resolution DTMS for each of these seven regions. The mosaics and DTMs are available for download through links on the "Info" tab associated with each layer.

The layers can be found in JMARS for the Ceres body under:

  • /Home/Framing Camera Regional Mosaics/


  • /Instrument/Framing Camera/Regional Mosaics/

The Mars Space Flight Facility would like to thank the DLR making these datasets publicly available. Highest Resolution Mosaic of Ceres Derived from Dawn Framing Camera Images, Th. Roatsch, E. Kersten, K.-D. Matz, F. Preusker, R. Jaumann, and C.A. Raymond (2018 AGU Poster)