JMARS BETA 5.0.14 has been released

JMARS BETA 5.0.14 has just been released !

The newest features and changes include:

  • Custom Map Upload Changes: You can now select "Western" and "Eastern" longitudes
  • Custom Map Upload Changes: Ographic and Ocentric latitudes were incorporated into the custom map upload process. Ographic latitudes are more commonly used on Earth while Ocentric latitudes are used more on other planetary bodies.
  • Additional Mapserver was added to Advanced Maps: You may notice an additional mapserver added to the "Available Maps" in the "Advanced Maps" window. The Lunaserv mapserver has additional high resolution maps available.
  • Additionally, the new release offers various improvements in user interface features, such as tables, charts, menus and input controls, as well as enhanced color combinations to provide better visual effects.

To Update from within JMARS:

  • In JMARS, locate the "Options" tab at the top of the screen, click it
  • Click "Check for Updates"