Beta JMARS Release! Check out all the changes in 5.0.16


Version 5.0.16 of Beta JMARS has just been released ! As our effort to modernize JMARS User Interface continues, here are the new features included in this release:

    New version includes:

    • New Add Layer interface. Clicking the "Add Layer" button will bring up a new "slide out" dialog for searching and adding layers.
    • The Add Layer Dialog has 3 tabs: Search Layers, Browse Layers, Favorite Layers
      • Search functionality allows multiple ways of finding layers:
        • Type: Simply start typing in the search bar and use the suggested results as a guide for useful search input.
          • Suggested results will alert the user as to where the results originated. For example, if the match was found in the description, the results might say "name: MOLA " signifying that the description for the layer "MOLA" matched the search input.
          • Suggested results can be clicked on to execute a targeted search
          • The suggested results box can also be scrolled using the up and down arrows, hitting Enter. This is the same as clicking on a suggestion
          • Clear the suggestion box by hitting the "x" icon to the right of the search bar
          • Pressing Enter will execute whatever search terms are in the search bar
        • Clicking on certain tags (Instrument, Imagery, Category, Subcategory, Topic) will give you suggestions based on the selected tag. This may allow you to narrow your search with one click.
        • Enter a tag and search input to search just within that tag (case insensitive)
          • name: themis mola day IR - hit enter and find all layers that match all of these in the name
      • Browse Layer - interface for browsing layers similar to previous versions of JMARS
      • Favorites - Set your favorite layers and find them easily on the favorites tab!
    • New layer manager interface:
      • New icons
      • New shortcut menu on each row
      • New shortcut menu on the Add Layer Button

    To Update from within Beta JMARS:

    • In Beta JMARS, locate the "Options" tab at the top of the screen, click it
    • Click "Check for Updates"