New Lunar Geologic Map is available!

USGS has created a new Geologic moon of the map and it's available in JMARS!

Where can you find it in JMARS?

  • Add New Layer --> Interpreted Maps --> Geologic
  • OR

  • Add New Layer --> Imagery --> Global --> Unified Geologic Map of the Moon<>

What is it?

  • This new work represents a seamless, globally consistent, 1:5,000,000-scale geologic map derived from the six digitally renovated geologic maps (see Source Online Linkage below). The goal of this project was to create a digital resource for science research and analysis, future geologic mapping efforts, be it local-, regional-, or global-scale products, and as a resource for the educators and the public interested in lunar geology. Here we present the completed mapping project as unit contacts, geologic unit polygons, linear features, and unit and feature nomenclature annotation. The product is overlies shaded-relief derived from SELENE Kaguya terrain camera stereo (equatorial, ~60 m/pix) and LOLA altimetry (north and south polar, 100 m/pix).