Try out the First JMARS Challenge!

Think you are up to the challenge? See if you can find the feature on Mars

Try and find the feature on Mars with the first JMARS Challenge.

JMARS Challenge #1:There is a spectacular doublet crater on Mars that is small and unnamed. A poster of this crater hangs in the Mars Space Flight Facility! Find this crater using the information to follow.

Step 1:Planetary features are often named using the Latin word for the feature and a given name. Find the valley whose name is the Hebrew word for Mars. Near the southern end of this valley, less than a few degrees away lies this amazing doublet crater.

Step 2 - Hint 1: This crater is tough to pick out at less than 128ppd! Use the Nomenclature layer to find the valley. Double click on Nomenclature under the "Overlays" section and use the list of feature types to find the valley!

Step 3 ( Advanced): Once you think you have found our crater, add a THEMIS Stamp layer and render a VIS-BWS stamp over that crater to get a better look! Click "Layers", type "themis" hit enter. Find and click the layer in the list that has a stamp type icon...

Step 4: The stamp query dialog allows you to search for THEMIS images (stamps). Use the following options:

Step 5: Zoom in to 512 ppd and select the stamp that entirely covers the crater. Right-click and render the BWS stamp:

At 2048 ppd, you get a great view of this beautiful crater!

Did you find it?! If you have twitter, reply Here with a picture of the doublet!