JMARS 5 is now available for download!


Version JMARS 5 has just been released! As our effort to modernize JMARS User Interface continues, here are the new features included in this release:

    New version includes:

    • New Add Layer interface. Clicking the "Add Layer" button will bring up a new "slide out" dialog for searching and adding layers.

    • The Add Layer Dialog has 4 tabs: Search Layers, Browse Layers, Custom Maps, and Favorite Layers
      • Search functionality allows multiple ways of finding layers:
        • Type: Simply start typing in the search bar and use the suggested results as a guide for useful search input.
          • Suggested results will alert the user as to where the results originated. For example, if the match was found in the description, the results might say "name: MOLA " signifying that the description for the layer "MOLA" matched the search input.
          • Suggested results can be clicked on to execute a targeted search
          • The suggested results box can also be scrolled using the up and down arrows, hitting Enter. This is the same as clicking on a suggestion
          • Clear the suggestion box by hitting the "x" icon to the right of the search bar
          • Pressing Enter will execute whatever search terms are in the search bar
        • Clicking on certain tags (Instrument, Imagery, Category, Subcategory, Topic) will give you suggestions based on the selected tag. This may allow you to narrow your search with one click.
        • Enter a tag and search input to search just within that tag (case insensitive)
          • name: themis mola day IR - hit enter and find all layers that match all of these in the name
      • Browse Layer- interface for browsing layers similar to previous versions of JMARS
      • Custom Maps - This tab shows you all of your custom map uploads. You can load them straight from this tab.
      • Favorites - Set your favorite layers and find them easily on the favorites tab! Do this by clicking the "star" next to the layer you'd like to put in your favorites.

    • New layer manager interface:
      • New icons
      • New shortcut menu on each layer in the Layer Manager
      • New shortcut menu on the Add Layer Button: Shortcuts to Custom Map Uploads, Custom Shape Layer, Crater Counting, 3D Layer, Advanced Layer, and Favorites.

    • New/Enhanced Tools:
      • Radial Profile Lines:
        • Create multiple profile lines on craters.

          Click Here to watch the tutorial.

      • Custom Map Enhancements:
        • Make a mistake on the map you just loaded and need to update it? Reprocess a map that is already in your existing maps. Right click your map in the Existing Maps table --> Reprocess
      • Stamp Query Searching:
        • The Stamp Query GUI has been updated for a more friendly user experience.

          Click Here to watch the video tutorial.

      • Login Page:
        • The Login Page has been revamped. You can now change bodies before you login, see recent announcements, and get direct access to our social media and website.

          Click Here to watch the video tutorial.

    • Coordinate display:
      • You can now view your coordinates in Lat Lon or Lon Lat
        • You can change your view by going to Options --> Coordinates Order
      • The center of your projection coordinates show at all times at the bottom of the JMARS screen
      • The coordinates that represent where your mouse arrow is, is displayed in the lower right corner. It now shows that the coordinates are in Ocentric. If you are on Earth it shows the points in ocentric and ographic.

    • Overlay Section:
      • There is now an "Overlay" section located in the Layer Manager. This section now holds the Lat/Lon grid, Nomenclature, North Arrow and the Map Scalebar.

    • Other Customization Options:
      • JMARS starts up with 6 default maps. If you don't want them all to load when you open JMARS, you can shut some of them off.
        • How to do this? File --> Select Startup Layers.
      • Don't want to see the M and P display on your main view and panner view?
        • Turn them off by going to the Options tab --> Hide M and P icons
      • Want the Add Layer Dialog to close automatically after adding a layer?
        • Go to Options --> Autoclose Add Layer

    There are now updated video tutorials on the new interface and more to come. Check them out today and learn more about JMARS 5.

    How to Update to JMARS 5 Options:

    1. Running JMARS Beta? Check for updates under the Help tab should find the new JMARS 5 Version. If your Beta version was installed in the default directory, the update will uninstall the beta version for you.
    2. Download JMARS 5 from the website. If you're currently running JMARS Beta and it was installed in your default directory, the JMARS 5 installer will uninstall the Beta version for you. If the beta was installed in a different directory, uninstall the Beta version manually.
    3. Uninstall the Beta version manually and download JMARS 5 directly from the website.