JMARS 5.2.8 update is now available!

Greetings JMARS users!

Version 5.2.8 of JMARS 5 has just been released!


Updated version includes:

  • Bug fixes
  • Enhanced functionality related to column ordering : you can now order table columns in ascending, descending, secondary ascending/descending, and no sort order.
    • How to use:
      • Right mouse click OR left mouse click the 3 dots on the column.
      • Right mouse click anywhere on the header in the desired column.
      • Left mouse click anywhere in the header will rotate the search order - ASC-DESC-NOSORT


To Update from within JMARS 5:

In JMARS 5, locate the "Help" tab at the top of the screen, click it Click "Check for Updates" OR when the login screen pops up, click "Check for Updates" in the top right hand corner.