JMARS 5.3.16 update is now available!

Learn about the changes that we've made to JMARS in the latest release

UI Updates:

  • In this latest release, we've introduced a feature that allows users to interact with clickable URLs within table cells containing web addresses.
    By simply clicking on these URLs within JMARS, users can seamlessly open them in their web browser.
    Additionally, for added convenience, the option to copy the URL to the clipboard is easily accessible through the right-click context menu. Please note that the availability and the content of the right-click menu depends on the specific data presented in the table

  • We've improved the profile generation feature by programmatically exporting lines from the Shape layer and converting them into profiles.
    To use this new feature, in the Shape layer, simply select the desired line(s), right-click, and find the "Export polyline to profile" option in the context menu, as seen in the image below.
    This process allows you to export one or multiple lines at a time. Upon successful export, a confirmation message will appear in the Main window. Subsequently, you can easily locate the profiles, generated from those exported line(s), in both the Profile layer and Charts viewer

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Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed the problem associated with loading existing JMARS project files on Mac OSX when initiating the process by clicking on .jmars files from a file explorer
  • Resolved an issue in dual monitor configurations where multiple input dialogs were erroneously appearing on the second display. This enhancement ensures that dialogs now appear on the designated screen, aligning with user expectations