PBT/DCS Processing Status

Projected Brightness Temperature (IR-PBT) and De-correlation Stretch (IR-DCS) products must be processed for each THEMIS IR observation in order for all of the THEMIS Stamp Layer's new IR rendering options to work properly. As progress has been made generating these products, it has been discovered that the disk-space saving "Rectified" format originally applied to all projected products significantly compromises the quality of the images when viewed in JMars. Therefore, only the IR-GEO and the 4-Panel-DCS products will be saved in the RECTIFIED format, while all IR-PBT & IR-DCS images will be saved in FULL PROJECTION format.

The table below summarizes the current processing status by orbit range

Orbit Range Release Status PBT/DCS Processing Status PBT/DCS Format
816 - 2399 Team Access Nominal mapping should be available;

still validating that off-nadir images collected during these orbits are being handled appropriately

2400 - 5799 Public Completed FULL PROJECTION
5800 - 8599 Team Access In Validation FULL PROJECTION
8600 - 8699 Not Available Not Started (off-nadir) N/A
8700 - 24599 Team Access In Validation FULL PROJECTION
24600 - 26799 Team Access In Process FULL PROJECTION
26800 - 28999 Team Access Available, but will be revised for projection parameter change RECTIFIED
29000 - 34499 Public Completed FULL PROJECTION
34500 - present Team Access
New images available with standard weekly processing

Last Updated: 2010-Mar 26 12:00:00 MST

Definition of Processing Status Description:

  • Not Started: Processing of PBT and DCS data products has not yet begun for the given orbit range.
  • In Process: PBT and DCS are currently being processed for the given orbit range and will be available soon.
    • Any images visible in the THEMIS Stamp Layer should be considered incomplete and should not be used.
  • In Validation: PBT and DCS have been produced for the given orbit range and are being validated by the archivist.
    • Most images should be available in the THEMIS Stamp Layer and ready for use.
    • If you see any wacky images, please report the file-id to the archivist (Thanks!)
  • Completed: PBT and DCS products have been produced for the given orbit range and can be rendered in the THEMIS Stamp Layer.
  • Rectified / Full Projection: Products should be available in JMars in either format;
    • RECTIFIED format shows horizontal offsets (at zoom >= 512) which are corrected in FULL PROJECTION format

JMars THEMIS Stamp layer hint:

  • Observation --> Processing Stage --> D###
    • use to return images that have DCS band combinations available to be rendered in JMars
  • Observation --> Processing Stage --> DCS
    • use to return images that have the 4-Panel-DCS images appropriate for viewing in the Mars Image Explorer