JMARS release 5.4.1 - Updates to Ellipses and Enhancements to Profiling

In the latest JMARS updates, ellipse drawing now supports importing ellipses from files without paths, simplifying creation processes. Additionally, Phase 2 of the Profiles introduces interface enhancements such as comprehensive coordinate views and the ability to perform point editing while using Profile Manager. Profile reversal is now available directly from the Chart viewer, streamlining profiling workflows.

Ellipse Drawing:

Our ellipse drawing tool now offers a new capability: importing ellipses directly from files with no path. This addition simplifies the process, making ellipse creation more intuitive and efficient

Profiles Phase 2:

As part of Phase 2 of our Profiles feature, we've integrated a range of interface improvements aimed at optimizing your profiling workflow. Highlights include:

  • Profile Manager: Gain a comprehensive view of all profile coordinates while using Profile Manager. This centralized hub provides a convenient overview, facilitating smoother analysis
  • Point Editing: Enjoy enhanced flexibility with the ability to invoke point editing directly from the Profile Manager. Make numeric coordinate adjustments, improving precision
  • Profile Reversal: Profile reversal feature let's you reverse the order of a profile's points. Reversal is available in the Main view via a profile's context menu. For additional convenience, you can reverse profiles directly using the Chart viewer, via a right-click context menu in the Chart's readout table. As a visual aid to the users, a visible point is added to the starting end of a profile that is rendered in the Main view


View all profile points while using Profile Manager




invoke point editing while using Profile Manager


reverse a profile while viewing a chart 



Bug Fixes

  • Ellipse editing bug fix for state after hitting escape key
  • fixed prompt on sign-in when entering a wrong password