Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) Planned Observations Stamp Layer

The THEMIS Planned Observations Stamp Layer is very similar to the regular THEMIS Stamp Layer, except it only allows users to search through observations that have been planned but not yet uploaded to the instrument. This layer has fewer search options than the regular THEMIS Stamp Layer, but does allow the user to search for observations by owner.


Open the THEMIS Planned Observation Stamp Layer

  1. Open the Stamp Layer: Chose "Add New Layer" -> "Stamp" -> "Planned THEMIS".
  2. Enter Search Parameters: An input box will appear with all of the available search parameters. It is not necessary to enter values for each parameter, but the more specific your search the faster it will be. The allowable values for each field are given in the quick reference table below followed by more detailed descriptions of each search parameter.
  3. Perform Image Search: Clicking OK will make the Stamp Layer perform the search and display the results. Once the stamps are displayed in the Viewing Window, users can right-click on an outline to either render the image (display the image data in JMARS) or view the image in a web browser.


Filter Type Acceptable Values
Image Type IR - Infrared Observations
VIS - Visible Observations
Blank - All Observations
Min/Max Orbit 816 - Present - No images taken before orbit 816
Blank - All Orbits
Owner Any Mission Planner's User Name
Blank - All Mission Planners
Description Keywords Any Keyword
All - All Descriptions
Extra SQL Condition Any SQL-Compatible Conditions (See THEMIS Database)
Blank - No SQL Conditions
Stamp Color Any Color in the Drop-Down Box
Custom Layer Name Any Custom Name
Blank - Default Layer Name

Search Field Descriptions
  1. Select Image Type: Users can choose from either VIS or IR images. If left blank, the Stamp Layer will search for both.
  2. Select Minimum and Maximum Orbit: These options are the best way to search for images taken during a specific time period. Leaving both options blank will search over all orbits.
  3. Owner: This options allows users to search observations by the user who planned them. Since only mission planners can plan THEMIS observations, this option is usually not helpful to other users.
  4. Description Key Words: This option allows users to search for observations by the text in their descriptions.
  5. Select Extra SQL Conditions: Advanced users may want to enter additional conditions for the Stamp Layer to use when searching the THEMIS image database. Normal users can leave this option blank.
  6. Select Stamp Color: The Stamp Layer uses "blue" as the default stamp color, but if colorized layers are displayed in the Viewing Window another color may be more visible.
  7. Select a Custom Layer Name: By default, the stamp layer will be shown as either "VIS THEMIS Stamps" or "IR THEMIS Stamps" in the layer manager, but if users prefer it be displayed with a different name they can enter it here.

Stamp Layer Functions

The THEMIS Planned Observations Stamp Layer's functions are identical to the functions of the Thermal Emission Image System (THEMIS) Stamp Layer and are explained in detail on its wiki page.